About Prophet Elias Orthodox Church


You might feel overwhelmed. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste or smell has a purpose. See vivid, colorful vestments and icons. Hear unfamiliar music. Touch by making the sign of cross. Smell incense carrying prayers toward heaven. We kiss icons and crosses. We stand up. We sit down. We bow. We kneel. We eat blessed and consecrated bread. No shortcuts. Orthodox worship is always more in every area, including prayer. God created us all. We believe He desires that we use our bodies and senses in worship to grow closer to Him.

Is there a dress code?

The general rule for men and women is to dress appropriately, modestly and respectfully, because we stand before God. Visitors however wear everything from jeans to suits, long dresses to skirts, t-shirts to shirts with ties, dress shoes to sneakers. We ask, however, that you do not wear beach attire, such as, shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, low-cut or strapless dresses. Some Orthodox women wear head coverings, but this is not required. Men are asked not to wear hats, such as baseball caps.

Can non-Orthodox receive Holy Communion?

Only Orthodox may take Holy Communion. Those baptized members in good standing of the canonical Orthodox Church, who have recently confessed and fasted before partaking of Holy Communion. But all may receive a portion of the common loaf from the priest at the end of the liturgy.


Do not ever park in Cruzio’s private lot adjacent to the church. They tow.

Street parking meters work 7 days a week, 8AM-8PM. Bring coins.

Parking lots and garages offer all-day parking for $5. Use credit or ATM cards at the kiosks to pay for a numbered space at Locust Street garage and Soquel/Front Street garage.

Purchase a City ParkCard to use at the parking meters or pay-by-space lots. At the parking meters you can feed the meter to the daily maximum and when you return your unused time is refunded back to your ParkCard. Make sure you park completely within the parking space markings. http://www.cityofsantacruz.com/home/showdocument?id=2491

Sign up for Parkmobile pay-by-phone system. One call to start your parking session and another call to end your session. You only pay for the time you park. Make sure you park completely within the parking space markings. http://www.cityofsantacruz.com/home/showdocument?id=2491

FREE Sunday parking is available at the parking lot of Calvary (red) Episcopal Church, 532 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Access also from Center Street. A two-block walk to Prophet Elias.

FREE Sunday parking along the Santa Cruz City Hall Offices on one-way Locust Street. Access best from Chestnut Street.


Other Important Information

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