Sunday School & Religious Education

Becoming familiar with common Orthodox traditions help us grow spiritually. By embracing Orthodox practices also help us to develop an Orthodox lifestyle and benefit us when visiting other Orthodox churches.

Orthodoxy is to be experienced. Attend church regularly!


Sunday School

Parents’ ministry is to bring their school age children to participate. Our Sunday School teachers have regular sessions starting at 11:00am, after receiving Holy Communion, and continue until Fellowship. Discussions about the Gospel reading of the day, Saints honored and traditions of the Orthodox church and simple crafts teach our children. Blessed be the children.

Liturgy Study Group

With pastoral guidance, Orthodoxy is discussed through the writing of the Church Fathers and the continuous practice of the Divine Liturgy through the centuries. The liturgical life of the Church is explained in detail through the discussion format. There is no beginning or ending for the group discussions…it is a continuous process. Join at any time.

Come and see. Come and be.

Fr. Milutin Janjic, Instructor

Day: Wednesdays following Paraklesis
Time: 7:00pm
Where: The Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church

Daily Readings Mobile App 

The Daily Readings App on your mobile device is the easiest way to access the day’s Bible readings prescribed by the Lectionary of the Greek Orthodox Church. The Daily Readings App also lets you read the lives of the saints or lookup fasting guidelines for each day right on your device. Developed by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Internet Ministries, there is no better way to carry the Church’s prescribed Scripture and devotional reading with you at all times. The Daily Readings App follows the typicon and lectionary of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.


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