Tatiana Romanova-Grant

Tatiana’s Biography, Awards and Exhibitions

Tatiana Grant (nee Romanova) was born and raised in Moscow, in a family of

In 1964-67 she studied in the Moscow Institute of Fine and Applied Arts
“Stroganovskoe” and graduated from the Moscow Krupskaya Pedagogical Institute

She has been a member of Moscow Union of Artists and Graphic Artists since 1984.

In 1966-68, while being a student, she worked as artist-scenographer at the Moscow
Mayakovsky Academical Theatre, designing and painting stage decorations.

Through 68-75 she created artistic staging and costume designs for several
independent drama and musical theatres in Moscow.

In 70-71 she works at Central TV (Drama Studios) as an assistant designer.

During Tatiana’s student years and after graduating she was active in cinema field as
well as scenography and advertising art, she also worked as an illustrator in various
publishing houses of Moscow, taught art and language in schools.

Since 1974 she has been learning restoration skills, co-working with the masters at the
Grabar Restoration Center at saving and bringing to life ancient icons XIII-XVIII
century. Tatiana Grant performed restoration on tempera icons and frescoes for the
Russian Orthodox Church and private collectors.

She also got deeply involved in the art of miniature painting. From restoring, she
came to paint new icons, developing her experience, learning from monastery masters
and old church books. Since 1974 Tatiana Grant has been commissioned to create
new works by collectors and churches throughout Russia, France, England, South
America, and the United States.

Since 1989 Tatiana Grant lives and works in San Francisco and Santa Cruz California.

Among her latest monumental works the most important are altar and nartex frescoes
and icons in the Prophet Elias Orthodox Church (223 Church St., Santa Cruz, CA),
frescoes, tromp’l oels and faux paintings in “Chateu Bleu” historical building (1901
Jackson St, San Francisco), The Holy Cross Church (900 Alameda, Belmont, CA))
has over thirty icons by Tatiana Grant. Her miniatures are represented by “A la
Vieille Russie” (781 Fifth Ave, New York, NY). She has been a member of CIVA
(Christians in the Visual Arts) since 1996.

Tatiana Grant’s works are in numerous states and private collections in the United
States and all over the world.

Tatiana Romanova-Grant reposed in the Lord on April 30, 2017. Memory Eternal.

Prizes and Awards

1996 The Award for Excellence, the Chambersburg Council for the Arts, The Twelfth
Annual Miniature Art Exhibition, Chambersburg, PA
1996 Best of Show “Art and Religion: The Many Faces of Faith” Wayne, PA.
1997 Second Place-“Sacred Art 97” The Billy Graham Museum, Wheaton, IL.
1997 Three First Places- National Christian Fine Art Exhibit, Fine Art Council,
Farmington, N.M.
1998 Award for Honorable Mention – “Cross Country” Bethel College, Mishawaka,
1998 Choice Award and Third Place in 3-D. Sixth Annual National Christian Art
Exhibit, Farmington, N.M.
1999 Second Place “Images of Mary – Contemporary Variations” travelling CIVA
Exhibition (Washington DC, Dayton, OH, Waukesha, WI)
1999 Merit Award, Miniature Exhibition, The Blue Ridge Arts Council, VA.
2000 First Place, ”Spirit, Hand and Vision Exhibition” First Presbyterian Church, Fort
Wayne, IN
2000-2001 Choice Awards, National Christian Fine Art Exhibit, Farmington, N.M.
2001 Choice Award, National Christian Fine Art Exhibit, Farmington, N.M.
2001 First Place, “God’s Show” Art Connections Gallery, Davis, CA.
2002 Honorable Mention in 3-D, International Exhibition of Fine Art Miniatures, The
Miniature Painters, Sculptors, and Gravers Society of Washington DC.
2002 First Place -International Glory Be Show- Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum,
Coshoston, OH.


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Some articles and numerous exhibitions and catalogues are not listed. All the
substantial bibliography from the Russian period perished in the 1991-92 winter flood
in Santa Cruz mountains, and it is almost impossible to regain it.


1989: Nakhamkin Gallery, San Francisco.
1990: The Russian Festival, San Francisco.
1990: The St. Vladimir Seminary, New York.
1991: Oakland Museum, Oakland, California.
1992: The Museum Show at the Metropolitan Museum, New York.
1993: The Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, California.
1996: The Twelfth Annual Exhibition “Miniature Art 96”, Chambersburg Council for
Arts, Chambersburg, PA (award for Excellence)
1997: Art and Religion “The Many Faces of Faith”, Wayne, PA (Best of Show)
1997: “Thing to Think On” CIVA Exhibition Merrick Art Gallery, New Brighton, PA
1997: Sacred Arts ’97, The Billy Graham Museum, Wheaton, IL (Second Place)
1997: National Christian Fine Art Exhibit, Fine Art Council, Farmington, NM (Three
First Places)
1997: The CIVA Exhibition “The City, Art and Faith”, Montreal, Canada
1997: “A Time to Heal” National Exhibition, Visions Gallery, Albany, NY
1997: The 15th Biennial Exhibition, the Liturgical Art Guild, “Contemporary Works
on Faith ’97” The Schumacher Gallery, Capital University, Columbus, OH
1997: “Women in Self Portrait”, Smithtown Township Arts Council, St. James, NY
1997: “1997 Divine Visions”, Albany, NY
1997: Miniature Art ’97 Exhibition, Chambersburg, PA
1998: “Cross Country” Bethel College, Mishawka, IN (Award for Honorable
1998: 23rd International Miniature Exhibition – Miniature Art Society of Florida,
Dunedin, FL
1998: Sacred Arts ’98 The Billy Graham Museum, Wheaton, IL
1998: Six Annual National Christian Fine Art Exhibit, Farmington, NM. (Choice
Award and Third Place in 3-D)
1998: Visions Gallery, Albany, NY “The Story of Chris turas” Exhibition
1998-99: “Images of Many – Contemporary Variations” Traveling CIVA Exhibition,
Washington, DC, Dayton, OH, Waukesha, WI (Second Place in 2-D)
1999: National Christian Art Exhibition Farmington, NM
1999: “Remembering, Responding, Renewing” Exhibition, Albany, NY
1999: Religious Art Festival, St. John Lutheran Church, Sacramento, CA
1999: Miniature Exhibition, The Blue Ridge Arts Council, VA (Merit Award)
1999: “Images of Mary”, National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows Belleville, IL
1999: 24th International Miniature Art Exhibition, Miniature Art Society of Florida,
Dunelin, FL
2000: “Spirit, Hand, and Vision” Exhibition, First Presbyterian Church Fort Wayne,
IN (First Place)
2000: Miniature Art Exhibition, C & J Gallery, Oak Park, IL
2000: CIVA “Window into Eternity” traveling Exhibition.
2000: Matrixants Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2000: Personal Exhibition at International Marian Research Institute, The Marian
Library, University of Daton, OH
2001: National Christian Fine Art Exhibit, Farmington, NM
2001: “God’s Show”, Art Connections Gallery, Davis, CA (First Place)
2001: Miniature 5, Period Gallery, Omaha, NE
2001: “Holy Art by Human Hands”, Salem Art Association’s Exhibition, Salem, OR
2002: International Exhibition of Fine Art Miniatures, The Miniature Painters,
Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington, DC, Bethesda, MD (Honorable
Mention in 3-D)
2002: International Exhibition “Glory Be!” Johnson – Humrick house Museum,
Coshoston, OH (First Place)
2002: Walsh Library Gallery, Seton Hall University, Serth Orange, NJ
2002: Box Heart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
2002: Domont Studio Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
2002: Art Institute & Gallery, Salisburg, MD
2003: 12th National Exhibition, Northern Colorado Artist Association, Fort Collins,
2003: 28th Annual International Miniature Art Show, Miniature Art Society of
Florida, Gulf Coast Museum of Art, FL
2003: “American Figurative Art” Exhibit, Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA
2003: International Juried Exhibition – Herbiest International Exhibition Hall, San
Francisco, CA
2003: Laukershim Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
Also, Tatiana Grant’s Work is Represented by:
2002: through now “Canaan” Gallery, Littletown, CO
2001: through now “Art Commetions” Gallery, Davis, CA
1996: through now “A la Vielle Russie”, New York, NY

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