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Outreach is not a person, committee or project. Outreach is an attitude and a person-to-person process. We offer these ways to make the process personal.

Mission and Outreach News – current ministry events and information

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Comments from our Facebook page:

Beautiful church with a community of good hearts, as far as I have witnessed. Right down town Santa Cruz, they are well positioned to keep peace between neighborhoods and homeless.


A great community church. They are warm, welcoming & friendly. Beautiful church.



Watch this space for the next trip!



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Save these Dates! Friday, October 14th, with Rev. Fr. Aris Metrakos of Holy Trinity in San Francisco whose topic will be Worship Like Orthodox Christians and Change the World. On Friday, October 21st, with Dr. Daniel Robinson of Patriarch Athengoras Orthodox Institute (PAOI) whose topic will be Praying for Hope in a World of Despair. These evenings will be a special opportunity to enrich your soul. Come and see! 


Catechism is the teaching of religion by question and answer. Spiritual guidance from Father Milutin Janjic is available for individuals who are seeking Orthodoxy:    

    • Exploring the Orthodox faith.
    • Preparing to become an Orthodox Christian through baptism and chrismation.
    • Contemplating an interfaith marriage or are already married.
    • Orthodox Christians who wish to learn more about the faith.

 Activities include:
    • Attending Sunday church services and feast days of the Church.
    • Read spiritual reading assignments.
    • Engage in meaningful Q & A.

All books of study are available to purchase online. Contact Father Milutin at fr.milutin@propheteliassc.org to make an appointment.



Led by parish priest, Fr. Milutin Janjic, this group studies the history and theology of the Orthodox Christian Church. Beginning with the Church’s pre-Byzantine roots, the readings sketch the development of Orthodox Christianity through the Christological, Trinitarian, and iconoclastic controversies. Historical inquiry and group discussion leads to theological investigation; special consideration given to topics such as sin, salvation, and eschatology, as well as Byzantine art, music, and liturgy.

The goal is to:

  • Become familiar with the basic historical contexts of Orthodox Christianity – the various churches together with their theological outlooks, liturgical practices, and manifestations of spirituality.
  • Understand and interpret, through careful study, the basic themes, dimensions, and values of Orthodox Christianity; to see Orthodoxy as the Church sees herself.
  • Discuss our findings, seeking to test their relevance and application today, in terms of urgent issues of our personal and social lives.

The study group meets on Saturdays at 4:00 PM, followed by Vespers at 5:00 p.m. All are welcome.

Suggested reading:
The Orthodox Church, Bishop Kallistos Ware
The Orthodox Way, Bishop Kallistos Ware
The Divine Liturgy, Hugh Wybrew

Bookstore Links:
Holy Cross Bookstore –  http://holycrossbookstore.com
Light and Life Publishing – http://www.light-n-life.com/books.html
St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press – http://www.svspress.com


The last Sunday of the month…starting September 27, 2015


Many people come to know and accept the Orthodox faith through marriage to Orthodox Christians. This is often a sensitive and critical topic to explore. Personal contact with our priest, Father Milutin Janjic can be a first step in spiritual guidance.